In The Artists Mind

It feels like everything I look at is a painting or a sculpture. I look at my sewing machine and instantly crop it and take a photo with my mind. I catch a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror and it becomes light trapped in a still photo.

My mind automatically clicks, drags and crops what I am looking at. To the outside world Artists may seem off balance or slow or unfocused but truthfully you could not be further from the truth!
To make matters more complicated when you throw in the desire to add and or organize words in long form or poem you add even more to the complexities of an ARTIST MIND.

Think of how your computer gives you that spinning wheel when you have too many windows open on your screen. Well, that is what we deal with ALL THE TIME.

A SONG will ignite the ARTIST search engines in a mila second and whush there you go again.
At the moment there is a sunbeam that has just entered my window and is touching the right side of my pale blue mirror with the shadow of the window frame on a section of photographs I have taped to the wall.
Its creating an arrow that sets my mind into another direction with is the other photo of Bruce and my wedding day all in violets with intensely great smiles on our faces, and I think what will I place on my canvas.
Blue bottles lined up on my window always touches my pleasure centres and I calm down.
Are we dreamers with no focus?
Hell No.

So next time you see someone staring off into what YOU perceive as space,,,,,
sit back,,,,,,
watch them fly,,,,,
you are privileged to witness,,,,,
an extra ordinary,,,,, fly

4 thoughts on “In The Artists Mind

  1. A fascinating idea with fascinating visuals. πŸ’š It’s very true and it touches on the big question of where does creativity come from? I sometimes think it’s somewhere in the middle, neither trying to look at a hundred “windows” at once nor trying to focus too hard on a single objective.

    1. Thank you, Steve. I know the topic is frequently studied by people of other disciplines. I think for myself it has been more since I started to write poetry, kind of like one segment of my personality observing the other ehhehe. I must compliment you on your dialogues with your followers on your blog “inconstant light”, I love reading them almost as much. πŸ™‚

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